Baghdad, boots, and bluetooth

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March 14, 2008 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Thanks to everyone who’s offered suggestions about getting photos off my phone. Rhys muttered something about having a blue tooth, or a blue tongue, which I thought was a disease mostly restricted to sheep and I’m certainly not going to kiss him until he’s cured, or at least till the photos are downloaded. I probably won’t post any, though, because I am too busy weeping for humanity over a chalked-up advertisement for a sporting event which is billed as “Team X v’s Team Y”.

Meanwhile, Thundercat has spent the last ten minutes vanquishing a hiking boot.

Just finished reading Edna Ferber’s A Peculiar Treasure, which isn’t really a writing book because she doesn’t talk much about process, but she addresses one of the nagging questions faced by anyone’s who’s stood aside at an emotional event (visits to hospital beds are good for this), coolly trying to pin down the perfect descriptive phrase and simultaneously wondering if they’re actually a vampire for doing so:

It is the lot of the imaginative creative writer always to look on, never to participate. Or perhaps it is nothing like this, so highfalutin, but merely the reporter in me who sees and mentally notes and senses the dramatic overtones – and trudges back to the office with her story. Still one must be either a spectator or a participant. One can’t march in a parade and see it too.

True, but then again, no two people on the side of the road are going to see the same parade, either.

And finally, have just learned that my buddy Ed is writing a blog about his time in Baghdad:


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