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February 17, 2008 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Apparently, if one of y’all leaves me a comment, I can edit it, and there’s no way anyone else can tell that I’ve edited it.  Except you who typed it, of course, because you know that you typed ‘Tracey ought to stop typing and feed me a kitty crunchie’ and now the comment reads ‘Tracey should get an Academy Award’.

I only found that out because I wandered over to the forums to see whether there was anyone I could smack for choosing the front-page featured entry of the day.  Yes, the Notice of Revocation is amusing, and not everyone has read it, but a reprint when it’s been on the internet for eight years gets the spotlight over, say, some original content?  I’ve no problem with the person who posted it – though I left a link to Snopes, as the Cleese attribution is flatly wrong – but no one at WP knew it’s an old chestnut, not breaking news? Next up: WordPress announces that Kurt Vonnegut has given the MIT graduation speech and told everyone to wear sunscreen!


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