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February 14, 2008 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

I am obliged to apologize for a statement in my previous entry: Thundercat is NOT impatient. Especially when compared to some of my other cats, who bounced on my head when I wasn’t getting up to feed them. Thundercat just stares hopefully from the foot of the bed. There, I’ve said it. *tosses a kitty crunchie*

Also, if you think you know your romantic literature, the Guardian has a quiz for you. I only got 7 out of 10. *hangs head in shame*

Some people are reading this because they know me in that place known as Off Line, but lots of others wander through because they look up something on La Google, and there I am. The stats page of WordPress tells me that the following searches have led people to my door:

My name, with various permutations of spelling.

I’d like to know whether any of these people are actually looking for me, as opposed to, say, that oral surgeon of the same name. Certainly no old boyfriends have crawled out of the woodwork to announce they’ve been searching for me lo these many years. That’s a plus!

willesden herald zadie smith short story contest competition shortlist no winner 2008

Not all these search terms at once, but I guess lots of people are looking for answers, or gossip, or someone shooting their mouth off. Hi!

summary gist “lady chatterley’s lover”

Read the damn book your own self. I had to suffer, and you should, too. Now get off the computer and go finish your homework.

self-referential postmodern vignettes

On THIS blog?? *laughs*

oscar wilde “a short one”

That’s not what I’VE heard.

“leaf books” / “copper canyon press”

Honorable presses, both.

i am writing a story verb or noun / writing as a noun / is writing a noun or verb

I may write an entry about this, as it seems to be of great concern, but in the meantime, what you’re looking for is ‘verbal’. I’m going to assume that, as you’re capable of understanding the basic concept, you will understand you want to know about grammar rather than, say, the character in The Usual Suspects. Also that you’re smart enough not to use Wikipedia for this; try Purdue.

wore multiple knickers

You’ll have come here via my references to Plattie, then. (And for the record, the correct phrase is ‘wearing knickers over tights’.)

interesting things to read

Here ya go!

how to write a letter to enter competiti

Dear Editor. Please find enclosed my [short story/poem/novel excerpt/haiku] which I would like to enter in your fine competiti. Should it not win, please recycle the manuscript as you choose, though using it as toilet paper would make me sad. Kisses, Hopeful Winner.

let me read one of those pecies of paper


books that have great verbs

Hmm, this one’s tough. I mean, most books have verbs – though I’ll wager some poncey MFA candidate tried to write a book without verbs (and probably wrote in the second person, too). I’m stumped for this one. Can anyone come up with a book that has GREAT verbs? Let me know!


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