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February 8, 2008 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

The Guardian picked up the Willesden Herald story, which I suppose makes the debacle officially artsy. The comments are a scream, largely consisting of a) flame wars (with the active participation of the WH guy) and b) people writing really bad prose. Oh, wait, these things generally happen in Guardian comments. Anyway, if you’re looking for the blog entry I linked to yesterday, it’s still there, but the misquoted Swift and the hand-glued-to-forehead stuff have been mercifully excised.

(Interestingly, I didn’t look at the excerpt of that Swift poem and think, that’s wrong! I just had the feeling it was misquoted. EngLitdar? Well, dammit, this degree should be good for something.)

When you’ve tired of all that, the Guardian also has a lovely article on Persephone Books. ‘The people who ran Virago believed in a much rawer kind of feminism. Mine is gentler, but I’m just as much of a feminist‘. Wait, women are allowed to be just as multi-faceted as men? Stop the presses!

And back in the world of other competitions, I got a polite acknowledgement letter from a competition I entered a few months ago. Even though there’s no possible way that the finalists could have been selected yet, I still went into hypermode upon opening the letter – that peculiar combination of time slowing down and every thought in the world going through your head. It often goes something like this:

*starts ripping open envelope*

Did I win? I could so use that prize money. But they couldn’t have chosen a winner yet; it’s barely February. Maybe mine was so excellent they stopped reading all the other entries because I was so obviously the winner. I can feel there’s only one sheet in this envelope! That means it’s a rejection. They’re burning the manuscript and cackling as they toss bits of Barbie dolls into the flames. Barbie dolls? – where did THAT come from? Why do these envelopes always rip halfway through opening them and then you have to pry from the other end? Can’t these people get better envelopes? I don’t have TIME for this. Did I win?

*pulls out acknowledgement letter*

Right. That’s what I thought.


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