Infinite regress of idiocy

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January 8, 2008 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Sunday night: I edit the start of chapter 3, which I haven’t worked on since early December.  I place the entire novel folder onto my brand-new USB key (thanks, Rhys) which has nothing else on it and thus there is no danger of overwriting anything.

Monday afternoon: in the library, I open chapter 3 and find that in fact I did not save my edit of chapter 3.  I have only the early December version.  I try in vain to blame the computer for my own stupidity, and edit the start of chapter 3 again.

Monday night: I get home and find that I did, in fact, save my edited chapter 3, but transferred the folder before saving the edits.  So the computer has the original edited version (and the original non-edited version), and the USB key has a different edited version.

Well, at least I didn’t lose any work after all.

Punchline: the second (Monday afternoon) version was the superior one.  Nevertheless, I don’t intend to make this sort of thing a habit.


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