End-of-year wrap-up


December 15, 2007 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

(Idea borrowed from Sally)

  • Submitted individual pieces: 26
  • Accepted and published: 2
  • Rejected (includes closed markets): 16
  • To be rejected In the void: 8
  • Entry fees: £72 and $15
  • Prize money won: £0 and $0

I drafted an entire novel (DNP), as well, and gave a public reading of the opening pages. (Mini-competition; I didn’t win.)

For next year, if I want to publish shorter pieces, I need to write more of them. I only have four poems worth circulating, and one (1) short story under 2000 words, which seems to be a magic cut-off point. I also need to find homes for my 5000+ word stories, which don’t have many competition options.

On the other hand, the novel has to be my top priority!


One thought on “End-of-year wrap-up

  1. SallyQ says:

    Well done on those stats, Tracey and good luck with the future goals. You will find it hard to place stories over 5000 words, as few places carry them, but perhaps you could try Ralan.com as he often lists anthologies (paying) who look for longer pieces.

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